Review : Anna Dressed in Blood.

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake

Ok, I'll just admit it right now that I had no intention of reading Anna Dressed in Blood. Why you may ask? Because from reading the summary  on goodreads it just sounded like the typical boy falls in love with ghost girl. The whole Romeo &Juliet bullshit that's overly used in SO many YA books nowadays.  After finishing Anna Dressed in Blood I know now that its way beyond the typical YA book.

This book mainly reminds me of the super popular Tv show Supernatural, aka the best Tv show ever! You got your teenage boy traveling place to place killing things that go bump in the night(like Sam&dean) . The weapon Cas uses in the book is one hell of a big knife that sends the dead back where they belong(like the colt gun in Supernatural) . Even though hell breaks loose in some parts of the book, the characters make jokes (like in show). Cas vaguely reminds me of Dean and I'd say Thomas is Sam, come on they are both some type of psychic!  I think the fact that I thought this read like a longer episode of supernatural made me fall desperately in love with this book.

The point of view is being told by a male character which I thought was great and fresh. I'm not huge on reading from a males POV because I usually end up not feeling connected because I'm not a boy. But with this book it just seems..right. Its hard to describe but it just worked really well with me.

There's not love triangles, no insta love, no bitchy female leads, and no boring moments. The only problems I had with the book was when the cat ended being eaten. I'm a huge cat lover and my heart broke when I read that part. I didn't even flinch when three classmates were being killed but I cried when the bloody cat died. Shows how loving I am towards humans right? Lol.  and the fact that there wasn't any really Scary parts. Ya it was plenty bloody but it just didn't make me wanna hide under the covers. Its not Scary as other people say it is, in my opinion anyway..

All I can say is: Why the hell aren't there more YA horror books?? If there were more books like this instead of the same old paranormal romance where the boy&girl cant be together crap I'd be a happy camper.

I highly recommend this to all my friends on goodreads. If you hate it you can come find me and beat me with a_____ 


I am waiting patiently for the sequel!