Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)

Unearthly (Unearthly, #1) - Cynthia Hand 4.5 stars
I would have never imagined myself, hater of angel books, to be in love with one. O.o Ya you heard me,I loved this book. It was so different then other books in this genre. At first I thought this would be about a wimpy clumsy angel moving to a new town right away,every guy falling for her, and a crappy sappy love triangle. Instead I got a pretty decent herione , interesting angel legends, breathtaking writing and a new book boyfriend.

I absolutely need the next book!! Like now. This very fucking instant. Ya ya...I know...its out already. So go buy it jordyn. No bookstore for a hour. Well jordyn you got a kindle don't ya? Yesss..but I wants it in hardcopy..such a pretty cover. I wanna run my fingers across its beauty...ahem. sorry. I'm praying(see what this book did to me!? Now I'm fucking praying) that a copy comes in for me at the library soon. Like in a day. Highly doubt it though. *sigh*

What I hope in Hallowed:
. She spends more time learning more about her powers
. More Tucker!
. We figure out the story about her mom.
. Why is that Sam guy after her
. Clara chooses Tucker over Christian.
. More Tucker!

I will be patiently waiting for Hallowed...