Haunted Wisconsin (Ohio)

Haunted Wisconsin - Michael Norman, Beth Scott Hehe
I live in WI...its fate :)

Anyways .. this was an interesting collection of ghost hauntings that have happened here in the good ol' cheese state. My favorite was of course the story of the restaurant Chances ghost in the small town of Rochester. Fyi where I grew up! So of course I've been to the restaurant a hundred times and in all honestly, I do think its haunted. I personally never seen any apparations but there is an eerie breeze that passes through you. And if you stay at the bar late at night you can hear what seems to be chains rattling upstairs and the lights flicker in the kitchen. Even if you don't believe in ghosts I'd still go there for their killer burger's ;)

I mean come on, its one of the oldest restaurants in WI, it has to be haunted :D