On a Dark Wing - Jordan Dane i did not finish this book. i enjoyed the first few chapters....then it got confusing. let me explain:
first of all there are like 5 or 6 different points of views scattered through out this book. i would have no problem with that except that it changes from 1st person to 3rd person on every dfferent point of view. that got really annoying very fast. also very hard to remember who was talkig to whom.

the main character:i hate!!!! shes annoying and very childish, very wimpy main character. all through the book she has a crush on the other main character. she states that she adds only songs that reminds her of him to her ipod. can you say creepy!!!!! on every single damn age all you hear about is nate this nate that. i wanted to throw my kinde across the freaking room!!! and heres the bad part.....when she actaully meets nate later on in the book she hardly speaks to him!!!! i mean come on girl, grow a pair!

another thing that i hated was nates point of view. he must be one of the dullest characters i have ever met. he is the perfect match for bella swan. the only thing he cares and talks about is mountain climbing. yuck! gets old i tell you.

when i first saw this cover the first thing that came to my mind was: angels. but so far, and i gave up on page 200, nothing was said about angels. i hate books where they take the whole book to get to the main point.

the only interesting part of the book was the fact that its in alaska. it was a nice change from all the hot locations iv been reading about.

in all honestly, i DO NOT recommend this book to anyone, unless your really into books with wimpy heriones, dull boys, and confusing point of views. i was very disspointed in how this turned out. therefore im not going to rate this book. good luck to everyone who is gonna give this one a try.