Exiled (Immortal Essence, #1)

Exiled (Immortal Essence, #1) - RaShelle Workman IDNF at 11%

Here's why:

1. The writing is simple and the dialogue between the characters was very juvenile for my liking.

2. Hardly any world building, well from how far I got to anyway. I couldn't really picture the aliens in my head from how the author described how they looked.

3. The alien princess is named Venus ..need I say more. I was looking at more creativity for names. There's so many unique names for an alien princess..why after a planet I do not know.

4. Our heroes mom is a nutjob. She drinks,smokes, and blamed s her divorce on her son Michael, aka our hero. She even slaps him and all he says is "yes.mother". Come on really?? I don't know any 16 yr old boy putting up with that shit.

5. Our princess Venus, gets sent to earth supposedly. She keeps saying something about her journey but don't worry, you don't read about it. She just poofs into earth.

6. Wtf are irrihunters and Formytians?? That's all that Venus talks about in the first chapter,we know they are creatures but she doesn't explain what they look like or what they really do.

But the most irritating thing about this book is the fake swearing. Such as "Cret, sis!" "Back the helker up!" "Holy cretity-cret, your right."
It just seems like a little kid came up with those words.

Overall, from what I've read, this is just a fucking mess. I do not recommend this book to anyone. If your looking for a alien YA book I highly suggest reading obsidian.