A Season of Eden

A Season of Eden - Jennifer Laurens This book was crap. It definitely does not deserve two stars from me, this would easily be a one star book for me but since it kept me wanting more and made me laugh at Eden's stupidity I will indeed give it two stars. Just remember that I did infact hate this book with a passion.

Eden has got to be one of the worst female characters ever, besides bella swan. Shes immature, very selfish, obsessive, and weak. In the beginning of the book shes happy with her six month bf Matt. Until she walks into choir class that is. Bam! She meets James Christian. The incredibly sect music teacher. She cant stop thinking about him. Eden dumps her bf that very same day...because of her "feelings" for her teacher that she just met hours before. Eden then becomes obsessed with him. She stalks him. Follows him home. Asks personal questions at school. You cant read a Damn page without seeing his name once.

I would hardly call this a romance book, they don't even date. They kiss once then makeout heavily in a fucking church. A church! His church! She pushes to have sex there but he stops her. Its more of a school girl crush than anything.

I do not recommend this to anyone. Yes its a easy quick read, but Eden's stupidity will have you head banging a table. Don't abuse that table!