Nevermore - Kelly Creagh If you were to ask me what my favorite YA novel would be I'd scream Nevermore at the top of my poor lungs. Its like this book was made for me. Its huge, the cover is breathtaking, the characters are all basically likeable; even Brad has some good moments. I also love the gothic tone that this book has. The dream world that Varen dreams about it beautifully written and the creatures are creepy as hell. Especially Pinfeathers, I wouldn't wanna meet him in a dark alley in the middle of the night :0

Varen is definitley my book boyfriend. If he was real I would probably have a serious heart attack and die. normally I'm all into country boys and not goths but Varen is an exception. He's so sweet hearted and very old fashion. I mean come on, who writes letters to Isobel at school. You know what guys do nowadays? Text text text. Personally I'd rather have letters than boring texts on a cell phone. We delete texts all the time. Letters you can treasure forever. Old fashion guys are the way to go :)

People! Friends! Strangers! Who ever the hell you are, go read this book! I can't say enough how highly I recommend this haunting book. Those of you sick of wimpy heriones and abusive love interests, read this book. You'll find none of that here. Also, there's no insta love bullshit or any love triangles. Instead you get a haunting ghost story with a beautiful romance. Again, read this fucking book. Nevermore.

Fyi if there's ever going to be a Nevermore movie, this boy down there should play Varen!