Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 3)

Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris Club Dead was a tad bit better than the previous book, Living Dead in Dallas. I'm pretty sure the reason why I preferred this one was due to the fact that Bill was missing and being tortured, I hate that asshole. And there were werewolves and shifters in this book! I prefer them over vampires any day.

Sadly I'm getting kinda tired of this series already. I liked Bill in book one. What the fuck happened to him?? Now hes possessive, abusive, cheating and just a douchebag. I cant understand why the hell Sookie still wants him. He practically raped her in this book! That shit ain't tolerable. -_- Dump his ass, actually stay away from him and give Eric a chance. Or even Sam. I'd even be ok with her fucking her own brother! Just as long as its not Bill...

I'm not so sure I want to continue with this series. Everyone says they get better with each book but I sure ain't seeing it. If book four doesn't hit the spot with me I'm calling it quits with the series. But not the Tv show!