First Grave on the Right

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones "Better to see dead than be dead."

I totally did not see myself loving this book as much as i did. Sure, im addicted to everything Grim Reapers(thank you Tom aka my other half), but a book series about a female grim reaper who helps solve murder cases? that sounded downright corny to me. Once i saw that cover i was hooked, line and sinker. Too bad those shoes cost over 600$.....

Anyways, back to First Grave on the Right. Charley is climbing up onto my favorite heriones list right along with Katniss. God i love her. Shes witty, snarky, brave, loving, down to earth, just one badass grim reaper. i would not mind having coffee with her. maybe even borrow(steal) those shoes. ;)

im starting to read more urban fantasy adult books and im heading in a fucking great direction. gonna hit up the second book right now. hopefully we eeerrr, see more reyes...;)

i definitley recommend this series to those of you who want more unique urban fantasyparanormal novels. or just read it for reyes sex scenes. thoses were a hot mess bahahahahahaha.

sorry about all the errors, typing this on cell and lets just say its a pain in my ass.