Catching Jordan

Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally “One thing I learned a long time ago is that even if you think you're meant to be with someone, that doesn't necessarily mean you get to be with them.”


I never thought I'd love Catching Jordan as much as I did. From first reading the summary I thought it would be another one of those books where the girl meets guy. Girl quits sport to be with guy cause guy only matters. Guy dumps girl, girl has no life . End of story. THIS IS NOT HOW THIS BOOK IS AT ALL!

Meeet Jordan Woods, a tomboy who loves to get down n dirty, hangs with the guys, rather eats like them too. She's not into most stuff average girls are into,(shopping, sleeping around, gossip, makeup) she's more into sports. Well, football actually. That's right folks, miss Jordan Woods isn't just on the guys football team, she's their QB(if you don't know what that means get the hell off my reviewand watch some football!)and team captain! Epic right? She isn't just a girl QB though, she's one of the best QB in the state! How awesome is that!? You go girl! So anyway Jordan wants to go to Alabama state for college to play football. It all seems to go to plan until she meets Ty and the tables turn on the game.

I fucking loved basically everything about this book, except Ty of course. More about him later. I just wanna swoon on how incredible Jordan is. She's just pure awesomness! I love how she doesn't really care about what others think of her playing with the big boys on the field even though she's a girl. Not only is she a fantastic player, but she also gets a shitload of respect from her team. At first I thought they would be all sexist but they really aren't. They respect her and even look up to her. :D

I'll admit right now that I wasn't too happy when Jordan strted acting all girly when her and Ty started dating and how she fucking slept with him right away!! Wtf girl? I know Ty is hot and all but you don't gotta jump him the first chance you get -_-

Now onto Ty aka The Dick. At first he seemed all right; the sexy Texan boy with the perfect body. He was shy at first and kind of a loner which made me let my guard down on him and started to like him. Big fucking mistake! Once he and Jordan started dating, he became....needy and controlling. Like when Jordan was hanging with her BFF Henry(more later on him), she didn't answer the phone when Ty kept calling her. When he saw her he told her that if he calls she better answer the phone. Excuse me? Fuck no! You did not just order your new gf to answer her phone whenever you call. Hell to the fuck no. Not in my book! From then I started to like him less and less. There were moments where Ty got jealous of her and Henry always hanging out so he told her not to hang with Henry no more. Strike two! Then at the end he basically tells her to quit football so she doesn't get hurt. Strike three! Your outa here!!! I just can't believe she kept on dating him after he orders her to do my opinion I think Ty just wanted her QB position. You'll see hints of it when you read the book.

That's enough of The Dick, more on Henry. Henry and Jordan have beeen best buds for years and are on the same team. At the beginning of the book you could get the feeling that there was more to their frienship that meets the eye. I loved Henry, he just seemed like the down to earth kind of guy and he was so fucking sweet to Jordan. I found it odd that he slept over, in the same bed, with her a lot but they are friends right....Honestly I loved the scenes between Jordan&Henry more than Ty and hers. Especially the fake baby scene! Read the book to find out ;)

More than anything, Catching Jordan reminded me more of Anna&the French Kiss just without Paris. just add some football. I'm counting down the days till Stealing Parker comes out! Now Miranda just needs to write a volleyball themed book and I will be a happy camper..:)

Catching Jordan isn't just a romance book peeps. its a beautiful story about first love, going for your dreams, overcoming the obstacles that life may throw at you and to never give up your dreams.
Highly recommened!!

Favorite Quotes:

"When unrequited love is the most expensive thing on the menu, sometimes you settle for the daily special."

"I didn't know crushing on a guy would require me to up my calorie intake."

"This must be the weirdest thing a football coach has ever seen: two quarterbacks making out."

"How can you be in love with someone forever and not be willing to take a chance when it finally hits your face like a linebacker?"