Dust Girl: The American Fairy Trilogy Book 1

Dust Girl - Sarah Zettel 3.5 stars

Dust Girl started out full of action, eerie voices, beautiful writing and an awesome heroine but unfortunately it didn't stick till the very ending. I loved the new intake on the fairy lore and the way the author described everything made me truly believe I was with Callie in the Dust Bowl Era. I was kind of confused on how old Callie was in the book. At the beginning you would think around 16 but towards the end she acted and spoke like she was 12. Jack, her friend she saves, was the same way. What is really sad is that I think hes older than Callie but he acted like a little kid. If those two didn't have such a elementary school voice I would have enjoyed the book more.

Even though its only a 3 star book for me I still recommend it to my friends. Its a unique fairy novel set in the Dust Bowl era and I believe a few of my friends will love it more than I did. Even if your not a huge historical fan, like me, i have a feeling many readers will look past that and see the true beauty of the book. I know I did :)

Hopefully in book two there's more action! And would it hurt to throw in some damn romance! !