No Safety In Numbers

No Safety in Numbers - Dayna Lorentz First I'd like to point out that this is not a zombie novel. I repeat : NOT a zombie novel. You will not find any brain slurpers in this book.

Ok now, hundreds of people are trapped in a mall because of a bio bomb in the parking garage. They are trapped for days and people are starting to become sick. Some even end up dead. Sounds kickass right? Wrong!! Nothing fucking happens until the last ten pages! And you find out at the end that its the"end of book one"......-_- There's no freaking way you can tell here on goodreads and on the book that this is part of a series. I do not understand why the author couldn't have wrapped this all up in one book. Just add another hundred pages -_- Not every book needs to be part of a series!

So if your looking for an action packed book with hundreds of people trapped in a mall with zombies this is not the book.