Leopard Moon: Moon Series (Volume 1)

Leopard Moon - Jeanette Battista Wow! Just wow!
When I first read the summary I thought this was going to be another incest book. Yes there was a tad bit(brother obsessed with sister and kissed her and tried to mate with her) but there was so much more to the story I forgot about the brother's actions.

This is a book where you should not judge based on the cover before you read the book. Yes, its the same cover as the book Fallen by lauren Kate, but its so much better than that shit angel book. So readers, don't judge!-_-

Leopard moon is about 17 year old Kess who has been on the run for quite sometime now. She moves place to place working as a waitress and living on her own. Which I might add does really well, more than some grownups do. Shes on the run because he older brother, Sek, has been showing severe signs of obsession towards her. He wants to mate with her because he read that successful clans have blood related marriages, like in ancient Egypt. Oh by the way Kess is a wereleapord. Meow!

Kess finds a small town up in the mountains where she stays longer than she has ever stayed in a place. She has a wonderful job, a comfy home, what more could she ask for? How about a sexy, caring, swooning boyfriend!? A boyfriend who has a furry secret of his own :P

I love Kess, she was indeed no Mary sue. She took care of herself, didn't need saving, and didn't whine like other YA bimbos.

Cormac was such a sweetheart. He respected Kess and didn't try nothing with her. He bought her pride prejudice and zombies for petes sake! That's a huge plus in my book ;)
Aaaaaaaand??? Best part?

*drum roll*


NO insta love or love triangles! ! :) :)
So if you want a shapeshifter book with a kickass girl, a sweet non dickhead boy, no insta love crape be sure to pick up this book!

Do not judge a book by its cover people! Shame on you -_- and you call yourselves booklovers ha!