Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins 4.5 stars just because the ending was a tad slow and I hated how Lola treated her bf Max with her lies.
But hey its still a instant favorite of mine ;)

Its official, Stephanie Perkins is a new favorite author of mine. I will buy ANYTHING she puts out for us to read. Her books are so...fresh and unique, plus that made my crappy day turn into a great one. Her male characters are so swoon worthy. *le sigh* cricket and st Clair will always have my heart. Plus her female characters are so realistic. They aren't kickass fighters or wimpy hoes. Lola and Anna act like normal teenage girls, they have their flaws but they are still realistic.

I absolutely CANT wait until Isla and the happily ever after to release in 2013. :} Not to thrilled about waiting a whole year but hey it Stephanie Perkins, its worth the wait.

I dare anyone to read these books and hate them, I dare ya.