Under My Skin (Skinned, Book 1)

Under My Skin - Judith Graves Couldn't finish this. Lately I've been having shitty luck with selfpublished authors this month. This was one of those books.

Things I hated:
. Main character. Shes a hunter that kills werewolves, vamps, ect. Shes very cocky and very immature. Talks to herself a lot. She thinks shes all "badass " but shes not. She lets a werewolf go within the first few pages! Wtf!?
. It seems like this will be the same old " girl falls in love with a paranormal being and they cant be together so she must choose him or her duty as a hunter". Yawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn.
. I smell a love triangle. Boring....I'm starting to hate love triangles ....><
. There's"Gothic" art every few pages and they just don't go with the book at all...the art looks really corny too like it belongs in a manga not a book. Could live without the drawings. They are very tacky and ruined the book for me, way too juvenile for my liking.
. The hundred pages I read WERE BORING AS HELL. There was stuff happening but the way the author wrote out the scenes put me to sleep. This is one of the few occasions where I would rather be reading twilight...that's a huge diss in my book...I hate twilight.
. The main character was snarky and sarcastic throughout theparts I read...very irritating and got rather old fast.
Things I liked:
.the cover was decent....kinda corny but I liked the wolf in the background with the cross.

From reading the summary it seemed like this was going to be a good read, but in my eyes, it sucked. I strongly do not recommend this to anyone.

I usually don't rate books that I don't finish...this one I am because its so bad, and the star goes toward the cover. I will NOT be reading this anytime in the future nor will I look for the sequel.