Deep in the Darkness

Deep in the Darkness - Michael Laimo Severe spoilers ahead

This book was a bloody fucking mess.

For starters the first hundred pages was a rip off of Pet Sematary. The whole family moving from city to country, the dad is a doctor, the family pet is named after a famous person, in the woods behind the house is a path that leads to a ancient burial ground, and their neighbor Phillip strangely sounds like Jud from Stephen King's novel. Being a loyal fan of Mr King(plus pet sematary is my favorite horror novel) I felt disgusted on how similar this book was to King's book. Thank God the book strayed away from that after a hundred pages, but it only got worse.

Apparently the whole town is being controlled by a species of mutant human race called Isolates. They live in the woods surrounding the town. They make sure no one leaves and they have control on who comes into town. Michael, our dull/stupid/idiotic protagonist(a doctor) , takes a walk with Phillip in the woods. He tells Michael that every new person has to make an animal sacrifice in order to have his family safe from the isolates. If they don't sacrifice a living animal the isolates will come and punish you and your family, usually ending in death. So Michael doesn't believe Phillip. Days pass and Michael starts seeing gold eyes in the woods( isolates has gold eyes). He feels them watching his every move. Dead deer start showing up in his shed. Then one of his patients ends up on his walkway,her insides spilling out. You would think hey hes a doctor right? He would call 911. Fuck no. He tries to talk to her. She dies. He faints. He wakes up THEN goes into his house to call for help. I wouldn't want him as a doctor... -_-

So eventually Michael makes a sacrifice, his daughter's doggy. Hold the phone! ............. There's forest all around you. Why the fuck would you kill your DAUGHTER'S dog when there's a forest full of fucking animals. He could have easily killed a squirrel or a fucking raccoon. Shows how much he loves his daughter huh. Dumbass...

The isolates leave him alone after that until they drag him to heal one of their kind. Which he does and after the fact he seems ok with it. These things kill people and made you kill your own dog, and your ok with everything? ? Really..

He finds out his bitchy wife is pregnant. O.o Wait! He tells his wife that cant be since they used rubber. Fyi they were trying to have another kid in the beginning of the book which brings me to ask: why the hell would you use condoms when your TRYING to make a baby?? Doesn't make sense to me whatsoever. He later finds out that a isolate knocked up his wife,pleasant huh?

The ending probably bothered me the most. The family tries to escape but they end up back at his house. He finds out that the isolates would die if they were exposed to a virus called hantavirus. He finds the virus (the person who lived there previously was also a doctor, mind you a more successful doctor than Michael, the doctor tried to find a way to kill them off) and injects one with the virus then goes back to his house and passes out for three days. What's up with this guy passing out????

He wakes up to find the isolates dead and goes back to find his wife and daughter. They now have gold eyes and vanish. He never sees them again. Michael takes the virus and injects it into him and dies(that you know of). End of book. I'm not 100% sure hes dead but I heard there's a sequel in works..fucking hell!-_-

Things I liked about the book:
.the cover. Pretty gold eyes and purple forest background. Loved it.
.the basic idea of a whole town being controlled by these creatures. I just wish it was better written. Like by a decent author.
.It was fast paced. Took me a day to finish.
.there were some gory scenes. Like the birth scene was pretty decent.

Its hard to believe this was a Bram Stoker Award Finalist.

Do I recommend this? HELL NO.
Do I regret wasting my time with this book? Nope. It kept me entertained by the idiotic doctor's actions.