Arena One: Slaverunners (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy)

Arena One - Morgan Rice I hate goodreads. They need to have a 0 star because this book needs it -_-

Ok I cant read this shit no more. Yes this book is shit. I'm not one for saying that books are utter trash(except twilight) but this has gone too far. Cant read anymore. Made it to 55%..... one of the most painful books I've ever read. I actually had the urge to read twilight...sssshh . Hey atleast with twilight shit goes down..

This feels like complete fanfiction for the hunger games and other popular dystopian novels. Big surprise right? *cue in eye roll* bs. With the hunger games movie coming up who wouldn't expect this.

Besides the obvious copyright, this book is B-O-R-I-N-G. Honestly for about 30% of the book is the sister finding the cabin and walking in the woods. There's hardly any dialogue which is so annoying. And when "stuff" actually started to happen I felt so embarrassed to be reading it. Its so unrealistic. Is it possible to be doing 140 on a motor bike make a jump and land on ice without any damage or toppling over? I'm sorry but to me that's just not possible jack. There are more "epic" scenes like this that make the book seem like a tom cruise action movie. I'm glad I didn't read the fight arena scenes. Ill make a bet it will be like gladiator ...

I also felt that the characters were developed way too fast while other ones later in the book weren't. That just bothers me.

DOES EVERY DAMN BOOK/SERIES NEED A FUCKING LOVE TRIANGLE? ! Seriously? ? I feel it coming in this trilogy but it feels like there is no need for one.

Buut teh moste annoyong theng is teh constant mispellings! Come on! This author has SEVEN other books published, wouldn't you think she would get spelling right by now? Doesn't she have access to a dictionary or spellcheck???

What I think this book really is is just pure fanfiction...

In the end fellow bookworms I recommend NOT reading this. It says “If you liked THE HUNGER GAMES, you will Love ARENA ONE.” for a reason people. So please don't waste precious $ on this :(

Now I'm not sure I'll be reading her vampire journals ...