Article 5: Compliance is Mandatory

Article 5 - Kristen Simmons Article5 is a tough book to rate. I loved the first half of the book to death. It was action-packed, kept my interest, and gruesome. But once ember runs off with chase it goes downhill for me. I hated chase and liked him. I liked him in the flashbacks but hated his guts the rest of the time. He acts like an ass just cause he was a solider and went through tough times. Cry me a river. That's no excuse to be a Dick to the girl you used to love. And speaking of ember; I hated her with a passion. Shes whiny, annoying, naive, and she constantly talked about her mother. It was either her mother or back in the past with chase. Bored me to tears. Plus the fact that you could tell when she starts to fall for chase again. He arrested her and almost chokes her. Wtf wrong with you girl?? How could you like him!? Uggggghhhhhh...

The part that hugged me the most was we never find out why they got bombed, who fought in the war, and why it started.

This book started out great but just ended up boring for me. Probably wont read book two.

Just...:( so disappointing :/