The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins *Originally read in December 2011, march 2012.*


image There's too much love I have for this magnificent book! :)

Just wow...this is the second time I've read this brilliant book and I love it more than the first time :D

A few years ago I saw this book sitting on a shelf at the book store and didn't think twice about it. The cover is boring as hell and kids killing eachother? Wtf is this bs? Then a year passes and all I hear about is "team peeta " "team gale" Ooh the hunger games kicks ass! Best book ever! Ect ect.. I decide to pick a copy up from a used bookstore. Months pass and its up on my shelf collecting dust. Now December comes and I finally get the courage to read this. Let me tell you..I'd sell my left arm to go back in time and slap myself and force my past self to read the damn book!!

The hunger games is no Harry potter but its up there with good ol' Harry. Its honestly one of my top ten favorite books of all time!

I loved basically everything about it: the world, katniss, peeta, cinna, the writing, peeta, rue, peeta. Ok I love peeta. Hes the new Edward. Fuck no! To say that is a huge diss to him. Peeta is 100% better than stupid sparkly creeper Edward. Atleast peeta doesn't stalk katniss while she sleeps <<<br/>
I did hate how katniss treats him though. You can tell he cares about her but it seems like she doesn't give a damn until the end. Forget gale katniss! He doesn't care about you! If he did he would have found someway to volunteer himself and take peeta's place. Pppssshhh. Gale sucks . Just saying...

Anyway this is sooooooooooo much better than most crappy YA books written today. Id rather read this a thousand times than read another twilight look alike -_-

THE MOVIE WAS KICKASS:D it flew so well with the book I was so surprised :O Peeta was such a sweetheart in the movie! Hunger games kicked twilight's ass!