Sweetly - Jackson Pearce WARNING: weight gain might take place while your reading this "sweet" candy filled book ;) I know cause I couldn't help eating some chocolate while I read :D

Holy cow!! This book is AMAZING..no? This book is SUPER? No?? This book IS THE BEST DAMN BOOk I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIME!!! How you ask? 1: one word: werewolves! I shouldn't even have to have any more reasons..but I do oh yes do I do ;) 2: its by THE jackson pearce!! 3: this book kept me wanting more it held my attention until the very end. 4: the cover! Purple! Its got a cool dark gothic tone to it. This has gotta be one of my favorite covers. I'm so crazy about it I keep bugging my poor fiancé if we can get this painted on our bedroom wall :D of course he said no...:( damn apartment complex! *shakes fist* and finally #5: I stayed up till 430am, yes AM, finishing this fantastic book. The ending...man..that ending took me by surprise. I love books where it keeps me guessing till the very end. I didn't even know what to expect, I had some theories but I was wrong of course. I love how there are so many twists and turns in this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat(couch). The ending literally slapped me in the face, I didn't expect any of it. For those who have seen the first saw movie, do you remember the very ending when the scary music came on and jigsaw got up from the floor and walked out of the room saying "game over". That's how the ending of this book is.
I totally expected sophia to turn out differently though, those who have read this know what I'm talking about. Yes I was disappointed about how she played her role in it, but I can see where its gonna link together with the next book. I'm actually not to thrilled about reading the next one hate to say it...mermaids?? Not a favorite of mine, but ill go for it. I personally love this book better than the first book, sisters red, and no you don't have to read the first book to get this one, but I recommend it. You can see how both books are linked together, I loved how the author did that without making it so you actually HAVE to read the first book.
If you love werewolves, fairy tales, candy(who doesn't??), a mystery and just a pinch of romance; you will definitely love this book. I'm not gonna write the summary for this one, you can all just scroll on up and read the summary on this site, its the best one iv read.
Just remember, this isn't the same fairy tale your parents read to you.