Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs First of all I want to point out that this is NOT a horror novel, its more along the line of fantasy/scifi. I completely don't understand why people think this is a horror book. Yes the cover makes it look like a horror novel, but looks can be deceiving. I was told growing up to never judge a book by its cover, this is one of those times.

The story starts off with Jacobs grandfather showing him some creepy photos of some children he grew up with back in the day.
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Creepy right?

His grandfather tells him stories of an island that has a whole home of magical children. Also a tale of killer monsters that Jacob should be cautious of. Of course Jacob is too old for such fairy tale stories...he should have believed.

A few years later Jacobs grandfather is killed mysteriously by one of these monsters and Jacob travels to a small island in Wales to seek out the mystery of how and why his grandfather was killed, and to find the peculiar children.

I absolutely loved this story!! Ya it started out a bit slow and explained a lot of history with the war and about Jacobs past but I felt it was necessary, especially since it helps out later on in the book. I loved what the peculiar children were they have special gifts, kind of like super heroes but not really. One of them has the ability to create fire, one has super strength, one is invisible, and one can bring the dead to life by using a beating heart.when I found out what the children are I didn't think of xmen or superman. Its more than that...kind of hard to explain. You have to read the book to fully understand.

The only thing I really had a problem with was the love parts. I didn't feel the need to have a love story in this book, especially who its with.....yuck!!

Miss peregrines home for peculiar children felt like it should be a Tim Burton movie.....WAIT A MINUTE ....IT IS!!!!!! that's right folks, Tim Burton is going to produce a movie for this book. Fucking excited as hell!!!!!!!! http://m.deadline.com/2011/11/tim-burton-circles-miss-peregrines-home-for-

Before you read this book I warn thee: its got one hell of a cliffhanger so be wise if your gonna read it. You can tell there's going to be a book two so you must decide if you wanna wait for book two or read it now. Choose wisely ;)

Highly recommended book for lovers of dark fantasies.