Hollowland - Amanda Hocking "This is the way the world ends-not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door."

"Resident evil for teens"

Ok, its official, I'm a huge sucker for zombie YA books. So far almost every zombie YA book iv read I really love. Hollowland was no exception. It has everything I want in a zombie book; mutating zombies, gore, a kick ass chick, a growing romance, an explosion of a plot, did I mention zombies?? I'm still shocked that I got this freakin FREE from amazon! Yes, FREE!!! Mostly when books are free they are usually: A. Really terrible. B.really short(aka novellas) . C. Really bad editing/spelling errors. D.just really boring, where you wanna tear your hair out. Hollowland is NEITHER of those things, well to me anyway.

Id say my favorite part would have to be when blue, remy, harlow, and lazlo stumble upon korech's house. I'm not religious, but it sure was creepy espically with all the huge fake smiles korech gave them when the gang first showed up at his door. If I saw a man like him id high tail it outa there asap! The whole time they spent at korech's house gave me the creeps, which doesn't happen a lot in novels. When I found out what was really going on(ok at first I thought they were cannibals.....don't judge me!) I literally almost dropped my kindle in shock. Its so sick and twistedm just made me wanna puke my guts out. I'm thankful I'm not religious :)

The only part I thought was kind of corny was when remy found a lioness on the road. My instinct would tell me to RUN!!!!!am I the only one who thought it was weird that she saved it and kept it along as a pet?? Ya its not really a "wild" lion its from a circus, they usually keep them pretty tame, but still its a freakin lion! I guess when zombies are among us you need every possible weapon against them.

Remy. Remy. Remy remy remy! She's one of my favorite new heriones! She's totally a kick ass main character. She's tough as nails, pretty, not an air head, and you can tell she really cares about the others in her group. Specifically harlow, to me remy treats her like a sister.

Even though I have this on my kindle I'm still gonna buy the print version of this. Yes, I know its FREE on kindle, but kindles aren't gonna be around forever. And I'm just weird like that :)

Id recommend this to anyone who is obsessed with zombie books such as the forest of hands and teeth series.