On Strike for Christmas

On Strike for Christmas - Sheila Roberts I was surprised with this one. I'm not usually a fan of this kind of chic lit books, but on strike for christmas was a funny, light read for. Basically its about a group of friends from their knitting club(called the stich n' bitch, love that name) and they decide to go on strike this year for christmas. They want there husbands to feel what they go through every year.

I loved this book because I agree with the ladies in this group. Its not easy preparing for christmas. You got the shopping, cooking, planning, sending out cards, decorating. I may not be married or really old, but iv had my fair share of preparing for christmas. I'm just glad I have a man who is there to help me. But even as it may, some men just don't understand what a lot of hard work us women go through to make their christmas happen.

The only flaw I had with this book was the many characters and switching point of views. I had to wirte down who is who and who's with who but after a few chapters you get the hang of who's who. I enjoyed reading from the husbands point of view. Espically when many of them were burning the food or breaking ornaments. Lol.

I highly recommend this book for december/christmas book clubs.