Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause "What red lips you have," he said in her ear. "All the better to kiss you with my dear," she replied. And their lips met.

This book is so different from your typical YA read. I recommend you read this if you haven't already, even though its a somewhat older book.

The main character, vivian, is one tough cookie who I think is a kick ass character. She's also very different from other YA characters. Vivian is no goody goody two shoe girl unlike a ton of other girl characters. I love this book because the author created a *real* teenage girl. I'm sorry not a lot of teens are quiet, don't party or don't swear at times to their parents. I. Really wish authors would get out into the world and meet some real teen girls and see that not all of them are perfect"angels" like the ones in their books. I for one laugh every time I read a book about a 17 year old girl who is respectful to her parents all the time, doesn't party, or break the rules. I always think to myself, damn, she wouldn't last a day in my town lol. Props up to annette klause for creating such an amazing character.

I also dig vivians and her mothers relationship. I like how its like they are friends but still love eachother as family. That's how it should be people! They remind me of my relationship with my mother. We swear at eachother(in friend ways) and do stuff like go out to bars.

Anyways this book is beyond amazing. Id rather read this book than most of the newer YA books, they are so predictable and unrealistic. Id recommend this to more mature readers since there are some sexual scenes and some swearing.