After Obsession

After Obsession - Carrie Jones, Steven E. Wedel 2.5 stars

Something evil is lurking beneath the river..something that has been killing people for hundreds of years...
When Alan, half navajo in touch with the spiritual side of his indian ancestors meets Aimee, a psychic trying to figure out who or what killed her mother, they realize they have had eerie dreams about each other. They must confront a evil demon that has been responsible for a few hundred years worth of death in the small town where they live. That same spirit is now haunting Alan's cousin and Aimee's best friend Courtney.

I was kind of disappointed with this book. I'm not a huge fan of authors teaming up with each other, especially a very well known author with another one who I've never even heard of. This book is a great example why I'm against authors teaming up. I love carrie jones and her need series. When I heard that she was involved with a book about demon possessions, I was very...lets say THRILLED! I love books on demons and possessions, its a very interesting topic that not many people enjoy. To me demonic possessions fascinate me while scaring me at the same time. This book didn't capture my interest at all with the "riverman" demon. It sounded like it was the first idea that came to the author's minds and they went with it without going deeper into thought. I thought this book would be more creepy, since its dealing with possessions, to me it was the opposite. Personally it would have been better if it was written as an adult novel. Just seemed way too corny for me as a young adult novel. Epic fail!!!

Another down side of this book was Aimee and Alan together. I couldn't really feel any passion between them. I thought Aimee as a slut, she was dating this guy Blake for a really long time and she dumps him for Alan after they first meet. Just cause Blake called Alan "that indian", which he is so I don't get what her deal is. This book had a twilight effect(after a few days they fall in "love".) I hated that, especially since their friend is being possessed by a
demon...honestly I don't know anyone who would fall in love at a time like that. Ya my best friend is being possessed by a demon and she might die but I just wanna say that I love u..doesn't seem right to me. Also I didn't really like Alan...he's such a wuss with a capitol W. He is such a mama's boy and way too polite. He seems like an indian, less mature version of edward cullen. What really got me hating on him was when he said that he couldn't sleep because he couldn't stop thinking about Aimee in her"cute teddy-bear pajamas". old are!? Ten?? No teenage boy I know would dare say something so girly like that. I would think that Alan would have been the bad boy type because he always wears heavy metal shirts. Or atleast a little more manly../guess not *sigh* utter disappointment!!!

Alas there are some good points about this book.
1. The cover! I love love the style of the font used in the title. I was very happy to find out that they use that same font for the title of the chapters! Yay!! It made the book have a unique gothic like tone to it. :)
2. There were some good humorous parts in this book. Like how Aimee's brother and grandpa find a cheeto that looks like marilyn monroe. They sell it on ebay for $1,567.43!!!!! I guess people now a days want food with hooters on them lol:)
One of my favorite scenes in the book is this one:
"What? Like penis is a bad word?"
"I was more worried about scrota," he says and takes a sip of his wine. His eyes sparkle like he's not really mad.
"Its the plural of scrotum," I explain in a teacher voice.
Benji's just looking at us, figuring things out. It takes him a minute to compute. Finally he asks,"is that the health class word for balls?"
I could never imagine having this conversation with my family at the dinner table lol. Lmao!!

Overall this book wasn't as good as I hope it would be. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't really like it. Would I recommend it to anyone? No. I hope they don't make a sequel...or a movie...I can see it now...taylor lautner will star as Alan!! Oh sweet jesus!!! :D