Zombie Blondes

Zombie Blondes - Brian James I knew it...cheerleaders are EVIL!!
I really wanted to like this book. Any zombie fan wouldn't pass up an opportunity to read a book about zombie cheerleaders, right? Well that's what I thought when I read the back cover. I was so excited. A freaking book about cheerleaders who kill and eat human flesh!! Yesss!!!! I already hate cheerleader so I wanted to see how this one would go. I ran home and began reading....big mistake.
Hannah and her father arrive to maplecrest, a small town in vermont. There are for sale signs everywhere, no people walking around, quiet like a graveyard, literally. During her first day of school, hannah meets the cheerleaders, blonde, blue eyed, popular, and deathly pale. Hannah wants to fit in her new school so bad so she decides to try out for the squad. Even though her new weird friend lukas warns her that there is a reason they all look alike and why everyone fears them. They are the undead, zombies who kill anyone who doesn't want to be like them. Will hannah take lukas's word or will she become one of the deadly cheerleaders?
I did not like this book. One reason is its so damn slow. It seems like it drags on and on until the very end. Personally the best part of the book is the last 30 some pages. Also the last 30 pages is the only part of the book that has some "zombie" action. If your looking for a flesh eating zombie book, this aint it.
Another reason why I didn't like this book was because it written by a guy(not trying to be sexist) wouldn't you think a woman would write a book about a girl trying to fit in to her new school full of cheerleaders who are zombies? It didn't seem like mr. James didn't know enough about girls to write a book about girls.
Another reason why I couldn't get into this was because of the flashbacks. The beginning of basically every chapter, there is a flashback telling us about some incident her and her father had in the past when they were on the road. Yes I understand we needed to get some info why they are living the way they are, but why not explain it in one section of the book. Not every chapter and having it pages long. That just seemed pointless to me.
The last reason is there's no freaking zombie attacks or any flesh eating scenes, except towards the very very end!!!! To me this shouldn't even be under zombies. If mean girls had a book this would definitely be it. So if your looking for a good gory zombie book, this isn't it so just carry on. If you wanna take your chances go for it, its your funeral. If your looking for some good young adult zombie books, I'd recommend zombies don't cry by : rusty fischer , the forests of hands and teeth trilogy or the generation dead series.