Want to Go Private?

Want to Go Private? - Sarah Darer Littman .5 starsTo me this is the worst book written. I was recommended it by my librarian boss who told me this was a must read for all teenagers(wtf I'm 20 lol) and she had her 15yr old read this. After reading this book I asked her if she was nuts! I would never let my daughter(if I had one) read this! Too much swearing, descriptive sexual content too. Here are the reasons why I hate this book:
Reason 1: very outdated. The chat room that the main character is on, doesn't seem like many of the chat rooms that we have today. Yes there may be some still, but they aren't as popular as the author says they are.
Reason2: ok, what dumb girl would talk to a stranger online, especially if the stranger says he is twice as old as her!! You don't know for sure how old a person is online, so why the heck would a girl flirt with a 28 year old man if she is only 14. To me she's asking to be raped or kidnapped.
Reason3: in the book, the predator"luke", send abby a cell phone for only them to contact. I highly doubt that would really happen. I never heard of a sexual online predator sending a girl a cell phone in the mail. Doesn't seem realistic to me.
Reason4: her parents found out that she had a new cell to "borrow" from a friend because the girl "lost" her phone in her locker. Come on parents!! Would you really believe that crap!? I know I wouldn't! I would have driven my kid to school to get her phone and make her give back the new phone to her so called friend that she borrowed it from, to make sure she is telling the truth.
Reason5: abby agrees to meet up with this older guy and spend some days with him. !! Are you that stupid!? She believes that he loves her and wants to take care of her. Ok, he asks for sex pictures and asks her to do sexual webcams. Wouldn't you think that he just wants to use you??
Reason6:after the cops arrest luke and get ahold of abby, she wants to talk to him and believes that he didn't hurt her. Omg! Reallly? Even after she finds out that he put her pictures on a porno site, she still believes that he loves her.
Reason7: the fact that this novel isn't as realistic as I thought it would be :/
Reason8: the fact that its in 3 parts. First part is when abby starts talking toluke, has trouble in school and it ends when she gets into lukes car. Second part is when her family calls cops and its kind of an investigation. Last part is when the cops find abby and arrests luke and the conclusion. I wish the author wrote about what happened to abby with luke more when she was staying with him.

Overall I hated this book. If you are a parent who has a teenage girl and you want to warn her about online predators, don't let her read this book. I didn't learn anything from it and I highly doubt the character abby learned her lesson. Worst book ever!