Choker - Elizabeth Woods Oh my god...this book gave me the chills. It took awhile to get into this but after page 50 it started to pick up.
I gave it 3 stars because it wasn't that great but it wasn't bad either. Well technically 2 stars, 1 star is for the lovely cover :)
Meet cara, she gets picked on a lot at school, especially when she chokes on her lunch at school. Two girls named sydney and alexis nickname her "choker". Cara goes home one day to find her old best friend, zoe waiting for her on her bed. (Zoe moved away years ago) cara finds out that zoe ran away because her stepdad was abusing her again and cara let's her friend stay in her bedroom. Cara tells zoe about how she gets made fun of at school and how her family ignores her. Few nights later sydney is found her in pool, dead. Everyone thinks it was an accident cause she was drunk. Zoe gives cara a new makeover and teachers her how to flirt. Cara gets closer to her crush, alexi's bf ethan. Alexis gets pissed and yells at cara in front of everyone at a party. Ethan takes cara home and zoe is gone. She comes back later that night and in the morning alexis is missing. Everyone suspects ethan killed her, did he? Or is cara's friend keeping more secrets. Read this book and find out! You'll never see the end coming :)
I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants something different to read.