Goosebumps #56: The Curse of Camp Cold Lake

The Curse of Camp Cold Lake - R.L. Stine I completely forgot about the ending of this one, haven't read it in ten years. I love these books. R l stine is such a great writer. He's one of my favorite. I love how he has so many great ideas and even after twenty some years, he is still coming out with a few books each year. I will definitely be reading these books to my kids :)
This one is about twelve year old sarah and her brother going to water camp . No one there likes her and make fun of her and pulls pranks on her. So she decides to try to drown herself to make everyone feel bad for her. She meets a ghost who she thinks drowned there years ago. The ghost, della, wants sarah to stay with her and be her buddy forever. I love the ending, a real good twist that you will never see coming.