Banished - Sophie Littlefield eh. this one was ok. not the best not the worst. i picked this up because the cover reminded me of the movie the ring. i loved the cover and i thought it was a scott westerfield book lol. its about a girl named hailey and shes treated like crap at school. no one likes her. then a girl is hurt at school and hailey "heals" her. she finds out she is a healer and shes a decsendant from ireland in a line of healers. her aunt comes to town and some bad sciencetist guy wants the healers to himself, because if you heal someone who just died they become the living dead. he wants to create an army of the living dead for war. now hailey and her aunt is on the run from him. after the first 2 parts of the book it got really slow. theres hardly no romance, and the ending just hits ya. i probably will not read the second book. oh well atleast i tried :/