Girlfriend Material

Girlfriend Material - Melissa Kantor ok first of all this is a really good book to bring with u to the beach on a nice hot day. well thats what i did anyway :) the reason why i even chose this book was because my teacher recommeneded it me a yr ago but i never got the chance to read it(was in a vampire mood)and i love the cover so oirginal and simple but caught my attention right away. i took a weekly trip to my library a week ago and saw this sitting on the shelf and i was thinking to myself, i already had 3 books to get from there whats one more lol. ill admit the first 2 or 3 chapters are kinda dull and boring at first. but once u get past that i it all goes uphill from there. when kate first meets adam tho i thought this was gonna be another cheesy romanctic teenage book and i actaully put it down for awhile. i regret that....this is not ur avergae teenage romance. its just a lil summer crush and at the end even tho they end up toegther u cant help to wonder if they even stay together or no. i really wish the author would write another book so i can find out if it was just a summer crush/fling or something more serious. cant wait to read her other books :)