A Very Zombie Holiday

Health and Safety in Small Industry - UMDMJ Wow!! This was an amazing short zombie story! At first I thought it was gonna be just about christmas but later on after I bought it I found out it has to do with all the holidays. To me I think its awesome! Basically its about a man who becomes a zombie but he can still talk andthink for himself. He protects his wife and daughter and tries to celebrate every holiday in his own way with them. He also brings food for them and protects them from other zombies. I loved this because its not like any other zombie story I have read. I also think its romantic that even though he's a zombie, he still cares for his family. I thought the mom was a bitch to him. Ya he may smell and be a zombie, but he's keeping them alive. Without him they probably wouldn't be alive. I thought she could have been more considerate. I thought it was kinda rude thaat she even said she used to love him, when he was alive. He even goes out and buys her a necklace for their wedding anniversary and dyes beer green for her on st. Patricks day. And she still treats him like a pile of garbage. Ok first of all its been months since he's turned into a zombie and he can still talk and he hasn't killed them yet. You would think he wouldn't try to eat you..but w.e lol. The only thing I didn't like about this was it just ended so suddenly. I wanna find out if they survive in the end or not. Besides that thiis was a most amazing read.

I recommend this to all zombie fans. :)