The Vampire Hunter's Daughter: Part I

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter (The Vampire Hunter's Daughter #1) - Jennifer Malone Wright 14 yr old Chloe witnesses her mother being killed by a group of vampires sent by her father to bring Chloe to him. Luckily Chloe is saved by a team of vampire hunters before the vampires kill her. She wakes up later in a town of vampire hunters where she learns about her mothers secret : she was a kickass vampire hunter that got jiggy with a vampire. Now Chloe starts her training as a vampire hunter with a goal: to revenge her mothers death by killing her father.

This was a crazy fast paced novella that "sucked" me in from the very beginning. I loved how there's a huge community of vampire hunters. The town consists of a library, fighting arena, diner, foodstores, ect. Just like your typical town, just with butt kicking vampire hunters in it ;)

This took me about thirty or so minutes to read and honestly I wish it was atleast ten or twenty pages longer. It seemed too short, even for a novella. I'm addicted to this series though...I bought books 2 and 3 right now and will probably read part 2 right now. Cant wait to read more about Chloe and her trainings!!!

I highly recommend this to people who love vampires and want to read a quick paced story that will have you begging for more.