All's Fair (A McKnight Romance, #1.5)

All's Fair (A McKnight Romance, #1.5) - Suzie Quint Wow!! I was surprised that I enjoyed this as much as I did. I'm not a fan of erotic books most of them are so corny its not even funny. This was an amazing read.I felt the love that Sol still has for his exwife. I liked that the fact that the exwife wasn't a dumb bimbo. She was a smart mom who was really down to earth. I also loved how funny this was espically what Sol told georgia's date at the fair. I literally laughed my ass off. Sol...I love him so much. Something about a sexi cowboy just makes me blush. Just look at that hunk on the cover!! "Drool"

My only complaint is that its too damn short...ya I just figured out that this is only a prequel to the authors series. It could have been a tad bit longer prequel though....I wanna know if they get back together damnit!

Does this mean ill start reading more erotica? Yes and no. Yes maybe ill look into the authors other books cause I really enjoyed this one. Wasn't as graphic as I feared it would have been. But ill probably not read a whole bunch of erotic novels....just not my thing. I'm glad I gave this one a try!

This is free on amazon right now fyi :D