Adventures in Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing #1)

Adventures in Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing #1) - Milda Harris I got this from r2r paranormal romance and urban fantasy fanatics in trade for an honest review, which is 100% honest.

I didn't like this book, no not at all. To me it had a ton of flaws, too many flaws for my liking. I hate to say it but this book kinda of gave me a headache. Sorry to those of you who did like this, good for you but this wasn't for me. I don't dig books with immature main characters. Maybe if I was in middle school or high school I might have enjoyed this read, but since I'm a little older than that id say this isn't for my age group.

First of all in the beginning there were so many !!! Everyother paragraph had an exclamation mark. That was so annoying. Also there were way too many short sentences to go along with the !!! The thing that annoyed me the most with this problem was that the author stopped all of this halfway through the book. It seemed like a different person wrote the second half of the book.

Second of all it didn't seem like the main character was in high school. Her vocabulary and the way she thought sounded like she was more in middle school. Later on she says the word fuck randomly for some reason. I thought that was pretty uncalled for, I have no problem with cussing it just didn't seem right at that time.

The story seemed too original. You got this girl who doesn't fit in and she gangs up with the hottest guy in school(of course) to solve a mystery. Really? You can't get any more creative than that? I wished the author would have spiced things up a notch....

This really wasn't a urban fantasy / paranormal book so I'm kinda confused why its for the r2r group for paranormal books....unless I missed something....

The ending was too predictable. I saw it coming half way through the book.

I hate the main character. She's annoying and whiny to me. I hated how she kept obsessing over how "cute" ethan is. It reminded me of the days back in school when twilight first came out and every girl was obessessing over robert P. I just wanted to shoot them just like I wanna shoot kait! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Apparently there's going to be a second book, I don't know how that's gonna happen unless its like kait and ethan form a scooby doo like team "sigh"

Honestly I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone unless your looking for a quick read that you don't mind a obsessive teenage girl and a corny mystery.