A Zombie Apocalypse

A Zombie Apocalypse - Keith Adam Luethke In all honesty I hated this book.
Reason1: way too many spelling errors. Come on, its freaking spell check!!!! All computers have them! !!!
Reason2: way too short. Yes its a novella. I understand that but there was no character build up.I wanted to know a little about the character.
Reason3: story wasn't creative. Yes she turns into a zombie, has the ability to think and write. There's another book like this called brains: a zombie memoir. There are way too many similarities between. This book and that one. (Brains was published first)
reason4: no way factor.very dull.
Reason5: unrealistic. I'm sorry I don't think a zombie would walk and drive across a whole state looking for her niece.

I don't recommend this book to anyone. Not worth the 99ยข I paid for it