Panty Raid @ Zombie High

Panty Raid @ Zombie High - Rusty Fischer WARNING: do not drink mt. Dew while reading this book.

I really quite enjoyed this book. I'm a huge fan of rusty fischer's other zombie book, zombies don't cry, so I decided to give this one a go. Let me tell you, I'm glad I gave this one a shot!

Do you remember those horror movies that are corny but you love them anyway because they make you smile and laugh? Well, panty raid @ zombie high is my corny horror book since, well, its the only book that has made mt. Dew code red spray outa my nose from laughing so much. Which made me laugh even more due to the irony that I have red "bloodlike" liquid dripping over me while reading a zombie book. You'll never see that on a hallmark card ;D

I loved the idea of electrified panties. I thought that was a fresh, hilarious idea which I haven't read in any oother zombie book, that was a major plus. In his other book, zombies don't cry, we also see the use of electricity being used to create a zombie. I was glad to read about that again.

The characters weren't the best, I couldn't really find any connection with any of them. I did love their names though! Spud, boner, lilac, need I say more? I espically liked boner, quite the name for a jock! LMAO!!!!

My favorite part of this entire book was when zack (another jock) kills a zombie with a soda can. Come on, a soda can?? Never heard that one before, brilliant idea!!! I would love to see that scene in a zombie movie :D

Favorite quotes:
"Spud snorts and says derisively,"zombies can't pee, haley, or cry or bleed or breathe or sleep or eat happy meals, for that matter. They're dead, remember?"

"I'm waiting for one of the girls to "ooh" or "ahh" the way they always do in moves when one of those vampire twinks shows up with his shirt off."

In the end I loved this book. Its funny as hell, has some really gory parts and electrified panties, what more could a girl ask for? Lol!

Id recommend this book to anyone who loves zombies and wants a quick, fun, unique read. Hopefully no one has mt. Dew coming outa their noses. I warn you, it burns!!