dancergirl - Carol M. Tanzman this book took me by surprise!!!!

at first when i read the summary i thought that this would be another one of those books where the girl was a total slut and she posted videos online and then some exbf starts stalking her. let me tell you this was not that kind of book.

im not gonna say a whole lot because its such a short book but the end took me by surprise. you would never have guessed who the stalker truly is, theres so many suspects that we are introduced to its hard to tell who really did it.

the only flaws i really had were the parts where she was dancing for her classes, they were dull and boring to me, maybe because im not a dancer. another flaw was the fact that she let her friend post a video of her online and she gets scared of someone stalking her. well thats what happens when you post shit online hunny! anyone can see it!!!!!

this is a good story to teach teens to becareful of what you post online because you never know who is watching.
*thank you netgalley and Harlequin teen for letting me read this*