The Last Song

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks I've been done with this book for thirty minutes and tears are still sneaking out. Damnit! So much for my tough girl act. Honestly, I'm a wimp. I cry during most sappy romantic movies, I basically die every time I watch Titanic. Which has got to be atleast 60 times..but yet every time I still cry. Therefore I'm a wuss. For books I'm a little different. There are about 3 books so far that made me cry when I finished reading them. Two of them are Nicholas Sparks books( a walk to remember and the last song) , and the last Harry Potter book. Ya I know I'm weird. So basically this book is one of the sadest books I have ever read in my life. The Last Song is not just a perfect romance book, but its also a fantastic family and learning to deal with loss kind of book. I guarantee it will pull your heartstrings! Just like it did with mine.

Definitely recommended for Nicholas Spark fans everywhere!

My advice: Don't see the movie first. Its not as emotional as the book and the story isn't as beautiful.