Not Like The Show At All....

Nevermore - Keith R.A. DeCandido




Warning: Supernatural gifs ahead



Well now, that was an utter disappointment. *huge ass sigh*



Like a lot of people, I'm a huge fan of the tv show. I guess that's an understatement. I'm a HUGE FAN. Like owns all the seasons and watches them over and over again and constantly drool over Jensen Ackles kind of fan.  If it has anything to do with Supernatural I go into fangirl mode. So a few months ago when I heard there's a freaking book series based on the tv show, you can imagine how thrilled I was.



Unfortunately this book didn't do justice to the tv show.


First of all I hated how the author constantly reminded us how Sam and Dean's mom died by the yellow eyed demon. It's in almost every other chapter and just other stuff you should know if you actually watch the show. I don't need to be reminded of something that's pretty obvious from episode one over and over again.


I think the author tried too hard to make this just like the tv episodes and failed. Sure, there was the humor I loved between the brothers, but it seemed to be just too much. I know in the episodes they fool around but they also act serious about their hunts. In this book it just seemed like everything was one big joke to them. They couldn't take anything seriously. They didn't act like the two guys I love in the show.



I was going to read another book right after this one by the same author, but I think I might just wait awhile and then read a book by a didn't author to see if someone at least got the two main characters right.   I'm glad that didn't authors wrote books in the series and its not the same author for the whole series.


Loyal fans of the show, like me, should NOT waste their time with this book. It will only piss you off like I am. Or just stick with the show and watch Jensen and Jared work their magic. ;)