Why the hype?!

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare



This review will be somewhat short since I don't have a whole lot to say about this book. 


First of all, this book bored the hell out of me. It was way too long and a lot of parts dragged on and on. Most of the scenes could have been cut short. Especially a lot of the info dumps in the middle of the book. That's why it took me almost two fucking weeks to read a four hundred page book. I couldn't get past twenty or so page without putting it down. 


Second of all, I didn't like any of the characters at all. Well, besides Alec(at times) and Magnus. Those are the only two that stood out for me. Clary was TSTL and Jace was a total ass for most of the book. I can't believe how many girls love him. Yuck. I'm curious to see how the incest aspect will be played out. 


Also: Incest!! Eeeew! I hope Clary and Jace aren't really related, because that would be just fucking gross. 



And finally, the plagiarism of Harry Potter and other books. Even if I didn't already know about Clare's HP fan fiction I could probably tell this wasn't her own story. I mean come on, this book screams HARRY POTTER RIP OFF! Mundane/ Muggle. Valentine is basically Voldemort all the way down to his group of supporters. Good job being creative, Cassandra Clare! *sarcasm* Jace is Malfoy Clary is Ginny ect.. The story isn't hers and it pisses me off that she copied HP. -________-


Now onto the decent parts. Yes, even though I found this book to be horrible and dull, I found some parts amusing. 


There were some funny parts between Simon, Jace, and Clary. I found the bickering between them quite hilarious. Even Jace the Dick had some funny moments.


The whole history of the Mortal Cup and the Shadowhunters was an interesting concept. 


I also liked that there wasn't just vampires and werewolves. There are fey, angels, demons, and other types of demons like the Ravener. 


Alec amd Magnus. I loved Magnus in TID trilogy and I'm curious to see how their relationship will be. 


And before I get bitched at for hating this book, I want to say I loved TID trilogy, so haters can't say I'm hating on CC. 


I'm going to continue reading these because I have copies of each one, even the last book and I'm curious to see how this will be played out. Hopefully curiousity doesn't kill me! :O



Ok, I guess this review didn't turn out to be so short....my bad. Got caught up in the moment.